Arik Michelson – “My son (9) started taking guitar lessons from Chris about a year ago, and I can’t speak highly enough about the experience he has had! Chris is an excellent teacher and is very patient. I would (and have) recommend Chris without hesitation to anyone looking for guitar lessons.”

Angela Alvarez – “I have met and worked with many musicians in my life, but none of them compare to Chris. Not only is he an amazing musician and person, he knows how to TEACH effectively based on different learning styles. This is SO important. There are plenty of guys out there who can shred on the guitar, but few who can teach you how to do it! As an added bonus, it won’t take long to feel like Chris is your friend because he’s just an all around great guy. Extra bonus are the jam sessions he puts on for students. This is an excellent way for players of all levels to meet other musicians and take their playing to the next level. Because of those sessions, I gained the confidence to become a gigging musician. I can’t say enough about Chris…if you or anyone you know want to learn to play the guitar, you will not find anyone better!!” (Angela is now lead singer and guitar player for her original band Kick The Princess!)

Isaac Ortega – “I studied guitar with Chris for about two years. I began with virtually no knowledge of guitar or music theory, and over the course of the next two years, I became familiar with various scales and chord progressions, as well as learning several of my favorite songs. Chris focuses on turning his students into competent musicians rather than just copying someone else’s songs. One of the best parts about taking lessons with Chris are the jam sessions that he hosts about once a month for his students. It gave us a chance to get together and play music with a group of people. Chris would choose a common chord progression, and we would take turns playing rhythm guitar or practice our soloing. In a very short amount of time, he taught me how to improvise, and I continue to use and expand upon what he taught me. I would definitely recommend Chris, and will likely take lessons from him again.”

Thomas Rainer – “If you’re looking to become a skilled, professional guitarist, your search has come to an end. When I first started taking lessons from Chris, I had already been playing for a year, though I could still barely play Green Day. During my first lesson, this man learned how advanced I was and how fast I could learn and sent me home with material that would challenge my specific skill set. A few months later that year, I would play Wanted Dead or Alive for some 300 people. A year later, I would play Enter Sandman for 400+ people. Now, 6 years after picking up an electric guitar, I warm up on Stairway to Heaven, Master of Puppets, and Hangar 18, and I owe it all to Chris Nastri. He not only taught me skill, he taught me to be a professional-grade guitarist. It took a lot of dedication and practice on my part, but without him to show me and teach me the skills I needed, the original content I now record would be nothing but a far-off desire.”

Carol Perica – “Chris Nastri is by far the best guitar instructor I can imagine. He is knowledgeable, extremely patient and active in his profession. I did not want to learn the current popular style of music but preferred Latin music. He not only delved into this music style with enthusiasm but also wrote music for me that is not only beautiful, but also addressed my weak areas. I would recommend Chris to any age group, as I am not among the younger group he teaches. I am 72. He quickly found my weaknesses and helped me correct them. Chris is the greatest!”

Michael Flynn – “I started lessons with Chris when I was in my late forties and had just a basic idea of a handful of chords. I’ve been with Chris now for over 5 years and I can play over 40 songs of all different genres including lead guitar on a handful of them. There is literally nothing Chris doesn’t know about popular and contemporary music. I play hard rock, classic rock, folk, country, jazz and the blues because Chris knows all of these genres and more. Whenever I challenge him with a new song he’s never heard, within one lesson he has it tabbed out and is playing it. Then he teaches me to play it. He has helped me choose the right guitars and equipment and helps me set them up. He even teaches me how to use various pedals and other gear. Not only has he helped me learn how to play, he has helped me learn how to write songs. I am to the point where I play in public at open mics, I play around the campflre and I’ve even played at two of my kids weddings. I would have never come as far as I have without his help and guidance. As you can tell Chris is not a fly by night teacher. This is his profession. He cares about his students and nudges them along to do something with what he has taught them. There is likely no better teacher in the valley. If you are serious about learning how to play the guitar Chris is your guy!”

Pat Gallahan – “I started with guitar later in life. I had always wanted to play but other things always got in the way. So in my mid-forties after finally deciding to make time for myself I decided to start. My first year I tried learning with a popular DVD series and youtube videos. I learned quickly that there are definite shortcomings to these options. You can’t ask questions of or be critiqued by a video or DVD. I tried these methods for a year and realized I was not as far along as I had hoped to be.

I started searching for an instructor. I chose Chris because I was very impressed with his background. Between his study of music in the ASU program, his real life music experience and his having a degree in education it seemed like the perfect combination. It’s one thing to be able to do something but not everyone that can do something has the knowledge, ability and personality to be able to teach it. Having him host his monthly jam sessions has also helped me with my nerves when performing in front of others.

I have now been taking lessons from Chris for six years. Very quickly Chris was able to teach me the fundamentals of guitar and I could have stopped taking lessons then and been an ok guitarist. The thing I like about guitar is that you can take it to whatever skill level you wish from beginner to master. I am confident that no matter how long I take lessons from Chris he has the knowledge and skill to help me to continue to improve my playing to whatever level I choose.”

Dorothy G – “Chris can certainly teach an old dog some new tricks! I was 57 and always had a dream of learning guitar, but work, kids, and life in general, always got in the way. Chris is experienced, nurturing, patient, challenging, creative, and fun. He even went to the store with me to help me pick out my first electric guitar! His scheduling is very flexible for busy working people. I recommend him very highly for all types and styles of guitar – from country to classical to progressive metal – he knows it all. It’s never too late!”

Doug Lang – “I have been taking guitar lessons from Chris Nastri with Phoenix Guitar lessons to help take my very beginner guitar skills to the next level. Working with him has so far been very educational and has drastically moved my guitar skills forward as opposed to doing it on my own. He is very skilled at teaching the music and showing you at a good and challenging pace. I have tried to learn guitar from some very good skilled musicians but it is hard when they lack the teaching skills. This is what sets Chris apart is he is a great and experienced musician with the talent and know how to teach a student at any level! I look forward to many more lessons and becoming a rock star one day!! LOL”

Ron Rocco – “Not only is Chris an amazing guitar player but also an amazing teacher. I was in my yearly 50’s and he introduced me to the gift of music. Because of his knowledge and patience I’ve learned how to play and have written about 40 of my own songs. Couldn’t have done it without you Chris……thank you!”

Anthony Spaltro – “Started taking lessons around June of last year. At that time I had a Fender Starcaster and a amp, and was extremely frustrated because Rocksmith was not making me a guitar virtuoso overnight. I am 49 years old and have not played an instrument since grade school. Chris is extremely personable and caters to the student’s musical tastes. We started out with Zombie by the Cranberries and House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. By this time I have filled a notebook with songs I have practiced. Last week I was able to play Purple Haze from memory. I’m not saying I’m an expert, far from it. But I feel as though I have accomplished quite a bit over the last nine months. Chris accompanied me to Guitar Center several weeks ago when I decided I needed an upgrade to a Fender Strat. He played several used instruments they had at the store and in an hour we had found a great guitar that I love. He has also advised me on effects pedals and listened to an amp that I bought. Last year he showed me how to restring my Starcaster. Chris is a talented musician and holds a degree from the ASU music school. He works around my schedule when work is being weird. I can’t recommend him more highly.”

L.K. – “Chris is an awesome person & teacher. We had a hard time finding a suitable guitar teacher for our teenage daughter… very lucky to have found Chris. He is friendly, highly creative with his music & encourages his students to explore and find their own groove. He has his own band (frequis), so music is his life. My daughter truly enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot. I would highly recommend Chris.”